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Like many of you we have close family that is serving and that has served, and didn’t know how to say thank you. We didn’t know how to put in words what their everyday sacrifices mean to us.

So we started SRVS and the Giveback Tee to put into action what we all feel. A way to say thank you, we’re grateful, and we’re proud of you, without ever saying a word. A SRVS Giveback Tee is EARNED by those who serve, GIVEN by those who care.

1. Buy any SRVS Tee
2. Get the FREE #BeofSRVS Giveback Tee
3. Give to & thank a SRVS Member (Any Military, Veteran, Law Enforcement, First Responder) 


Share your support/story @SRVSgear #LiveLoyal




We personally can’t reach every SRVS member, but through you we can! Which is why everytime you purchase a SRVS Tee to show your support and respect we’ll include our Exclusive #BeofSRVS Giveback Tee - FREE with your order. All we want is for you to take it to any active military, veteran, law enforcement, or first responder and say thank you with the shirt they earned.


We challenge you to #LiveLoyal