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Buy 1, Give 1

SRVS gear is all about unity and respect.  We wanted a simple, but meaningful way for individuals to get involved and create connections through positive encounters between civilians and those who serve.  Donating money to an organization is great, but bringing people together is more powerful and brings about a greater impact than any amount of money.  So the #BEofSRVS giveback process is completely simple, not time consuming, and unforgettable.  

  1. Shop for premium SRVS gear to show your support for our servicemembers, veterans, police officers, firefighters, and first responders.

  2. For every shirt purchased you will receive one of our exclusive #BeofSRVS Giveback Shirts FREE of charge with your order (think of someone you know and let us know what size they wear.  If you aren't sure who you want to give it to and would like to deliver it to someone you meet- L/XL are pretty safe bets).

  3. When your gear arrives:

    1. Wear your new gear and show you stand in unity with those who love our country and appreciate those serving.

    2. Take the Giveback Shirt(s) and personally deliver it to any active servicemember, veteran, or first responder of your choosing and thank them for their service! If you don’t know someone who fits the bill, you can make a stop at your local veteran's home, police department, fire department, or even keep it in your car for when you see someone in uniform.

    3. Increase your influence and inspire others by sharing your story with us on social media @SRVSgear. #liveloyal

Through our #BeofSRVS giveback initiative we have seen and felt the powerful impact of delivering a shirt. The SRVS Gear family has made thousands of personal connections bringing unity and strength.  Together we are changing mindsets, increasing awareness of those serving, and inspiring everyone to do more to serve those who have served us all.  Most importantly, we’ve been able to lift the spirits of those who serve by showing we care, increasing unity, strengthening friendships, and giving appreciation for their sacrifices.  

We challenge you to join us- Honor All who Serve and make a difference for those around you!