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Our Story

Our country and those who serve have always been important to our family. Amanda grew up in a patriotic family going back to her great-grandpa serving in France in WWI, her grandpa serving in Italy in WWII, and her dad serving in the National Guard. As a young girl she gained a deep love for our country hearing about their service and seeing the work her grandfather did with the American Legion.  It has always been really important to her to teach their kids the importance of showing support and gratitude to those serving.  

When Ryan’s younger brother joined the Air Force and was deployed the desire to support those serving finally “clicked” inside him as he had a personal connection to someone serving.  He wanted something to wear to show his appreciation.

We realized there was no viable option that represented our desire to unite citizens in honor of those who serve. As we were creating SRVS one of our friends was in an officer involved shooting and instantly we knew SRVS needed to be a symbol of respect and appreciation for ALL who serve us selflessly each day!

At our core, our mission at SRVS Gear is to build better communities by uniting citizens from all walks of life to honor and support those who serve on our behalf.   Ultimately we are working each day to look outside ourselves for ways to make a difference and live true to the principles most important to us.  We hope to motivate others to make this change as well! It takes courage to identify the things most important to you and dedication to live according to those ideals or in short to #LiveLoyal!